Time travel back to 90s make-up styles in 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 has finally arrived and brought with it a box of unexpected surprises.

Well! This New Year you might want to brush up your memory as you maybe grooving to the tunes of the 90s. Why? Because a large number of renowned make-up artists have anticipated the reappearance of 90s inspired looks in 2019.

The ’90s was not a bad era where beauty is concerned. There are numerous trends that we would love to see again in 2019, such as the edgy cat eye liners, glittery eyes, burgundy lipsticks and many more. Here are 5 beauty ideas that you can adapt and reinvent that were used in the 90s.

1. Darker to natural lip color Are you still using the same lip colors you were using in 2018? Well, what you need is an upgrade. You would want to make some room for a brown lip color since that’s the need for this New Year. In 2019 brush the brown lip color lightly on your lips while letting your natural lip color do its job. This will give you a natural and an earthy look.

2. Hello, Bold eyes! 2019 is all about smudgy pencil liner close to the lash line or a bold cat eyeliner making our eyes pop out.

3. Goodbye to ‘Instagram’ brows Previously the trend for eyebrows was to have them sharply defined by filling in the edges or by plucking them. However, that is a big no in 2019. This New Year, it’s all about embracing your true self which includes your natural eyebrow shape as well as color.

4. Make way for Contouring If contouring is not included in your signature style, then you might need to give your signature style a rest. In 2019 bronze your temples, jawline and cheekbones as the final touch up to your make up.

5. Make a place for more foundation If you are not a foundation person, then you might want to get used to it. In order to get that ‘matte 90s’ look, you might want to make room for foundation that suits your skin tone.

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