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Are you a Lover of Good Music?

There are days I just don’t want to think fashion or beauty and do nothing but chill & listen to music.

You might agree with me that good music can be referred to as food for life.

It’s a great motivator and sometimes healer of discomforts. Good music can make anyone overcome the most challenging circumstances. People are into music and we can’t really help it. From the clerk at his desk job to the student studying up for his book reports. They would love to have some tunes in the background to nod to while they carry on their various activities.

So today, I am going to introduce you to my music website; as an addition to the parent website;

What I will be doing on the addon music website is to spotlight the top charting iTunes & Amazon music artists, songs, music videos plus an angle featuring unsigned bands and new indie music.

If you’re a music lover (who isn’t?), and looking for the best place to find top charting songs, music videos, artists and new releases, then you need to think “Six ‘n’ Sapphire Music”. Go ahead and bookmark the site!

There are various criteria that iTunes, Amazon and various billboards use to chart songs, music artists and videos.

What we do is gather these top charted songs, artists, and music videos in one place for your viewing convenience. The Six And Sapphire Music website will feature top songs, recent releases, new music, top music videos, etc. Whether you’re looking for top albums or recent releases, we will have it right there on the site for you. So, look no further!

We will also be showcasing unsigned music bands, and new indie releases even those you’ve never heard of earlier. If you heard a recent song or watched a new music video and wondering where to listen to it again, just head over to There you’re sure to find the song you’re searching for whether it’s top charted iTunes songs or Amazon Music, indie and unsigned bands not excluded.

This will ensure that, no matter your genre of music, be it R&B, hip hop or alternative, you’ll always have a way to listen to your favorite beats.

Good thing about Six And Sapphire Music is that it’s categorized, so you can easily find whatever top song or music video you’re searching for.

Go ahead and have fun with the site as you find and listen to top charting iTunes & Amazon Music artist, songs, and music videos.

Oh, before you go, if you find something you like on our music site & want to share or rant about, feel free to join us on our Let’s Talk and do just that!

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