Hair products, skincare and makeup myths

If you think that the middle-school gossip is bad, then you’ve probably not come across all the theories people have about hair products, skincare and makeup. While some of these ideas might have some truth to it, there is a high chance that they are only urban legends.

The worst part is that trying out things that have not been well-searched might end up causing more damage to your appearance. Therefore, it is important that you remain well-informed about the facts as well as the myths that revolve around beauty.

This helps you to know what you can try out on your hair, face and skin and what you should not. In that case, below we will explore some of the common beauty myths that you probably have been following blindly. Shall we get started?

5 Debunked Beauty Myths

1. There is no need to moisturize oily skin Whether you have oily skin type or not, your skin needs to be hydrated at all times. As much as the oil on the skin helps to lubricate, it doesn’t provide the skin with the required moisture. Hence, all skin types need to be hydrated with a moisturizer.

2. You can shrink your pores Unfortunately, the size of your pores is determined by genetics. But in most cases, they expand due to overexposure to the sun and excess clogging. That being the case, there is no way that you can change the size of your pores. However, you can make them seem smaller with the right products. You can get a couple of pore refining products that can reduce their appearance. More to that, you can visit the dermatologist for professional extraction of blackheads too as they tend to make pores look larger.

3. Blonde hair is for fair-skinned women To pull out a blonde hair look, you don’t necessarily need to be a fair-skinned woman. As a matter of fact, blonde suits most people. The most important thing though when you are considering to pick up any hair shade is paying attention to your skin tone. Also, considering which shade will best match your complexion.

4. Plucking a single grey hair will boost the growth of 10 more This one may be a little absurd and the best thing is that it’s absolutely a myth. When you pluck one grey hair, only one more will grow back. Not boost the rapid growth of 10 more. In that case, if you feel self-conscious about your grey hairs, you can tug on them or visit a hair colourist to give you a makeover.

5. There is an age limit for doing your makeup routine Well, there is no limit to wearing makeup. No matter how old you are; you should not shy away from wearing your favorite makeup. Is it that neon lip? Or an exaggerated cat eye? If that’s what you love, then go for it. There is totally no limit for looking your best.

In Summary… Well, now there you have it. All the above mentioned are beauty myths, regarding hair products, skincare and makeup, that you should drop immediately. With that light, you can shed off all the weight from the unfair expectations of our society.

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