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Is joining ebates worth it?

The idea of getting cash back every time you shop online is a great idea isn’t it? When I started shopping online I was searching ways in which I can save money online and Ebates which is now called Rakuten rewards was among the results. They give cash backs for shopping from their affiliated stores. At first I thought this deal is too good to be true and it had to be a scam. I asked my friends and most of them had not used it so I couldn’t get any help from them. I decided to give it a try and to my amazement it is real. If you are wondering if you should use this service the answer is yes! Absolutely and without question you should be using Ebates.

How does it work?

Maybe you are still not convinced that you can make some extra bucks just by doing your normal shopping online. I didn’t understand how it works either and that’s why I was afraid to join, but when I did I understood perfectly how it works. I am going to explain to you how ebates works so that at least you can feel comfortable doing business with them.

Like other online stores, every time an item is purchased through Ebates stores they get a commission. But unlike other companies, Ebates shares some of the commission with you. Great right? For example if Kevin wants more customers to buy his goods, he hires Ebates to do marketing and every item that is bought through Ebates they get a commission. After getting this commission instead of keeping all the money as many companies do, Ebates shares some of the money with you. And just like that you make some money. You win, Kevin wins, Ebates win, and everybody wins!

Knowing this made me feel much comfortable working with them and I was sure I was not selling my personal information to scammers. My mind was at peace and I encourage you to join ASAP.

How much will it cost you to join?

The amount that you are required to pay in order to join ebates which is now called Rakuten rewards is $0. How about that? Amazing right? You heard it right, joining Ebates is free and it is free to use. I have been using Ebates since the beginning of 2018 and my earnings are more than $1000 and I earned all that by just registering with Ebates free of charge and doing online shopping through their stores. You can make a lot of money using Ebates if you use it to its full potential. Not using Ebates is like leaving money on the table.

Why you should use Ebates.

Still not convinced? I am going to give you more than enough reasons on why you should use Ebates to do your online shopping.

  • You don’t pay anything to join and use Ebates. It is completely free.
  • You are paid for just signing up. Can you imagine that? Getting paid because of signing up?  You are paid 5 to 10 dollars depending on the current promotions.
  • You can make extra bucks by inviting your pals to join. After they sign up and shop through Ebates affiliate stores, you will get some cash back depending on what they purchase.
  • The money you make through Ebates increases pretty quickly and it can act as nest to get some money when you are really in need of it.
  • You will never have to pay the retail price of an item if you are Rakuten rewards member.
  • There are different promotions throughout the year and sometimes you can make extra bonus by inviting friends.
  • You can install ebates extension on your browser. Ebates have extensions for chrome, Firefox, safari, and Microsoft edge that you can install to help you make sure you never miss a cash back opportunity. When you are on the site and there is a cashback available it will show a pop-up.
  • They have a mobile app that you can download and use on your mobile phone.

There are more than enough reasons for you to join Ebates, those are just but a few. Join Ebates today and earn money the easiest way possible. There is no reason not to join! Do yourself a favor and join today.

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