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Most interesting skin facts that you must know about!

The first step in taking proper care of your skin is getting to know about it. For multiple reasons like anti-aging or health, if you want to make the best care, then the best thing is to understand how your skin works. Here are some critical facts that you should know about your skin:

  • The largest organ of the body is skin. An organ is stated as a body part that has particular vital functions and is self-contained. It helps in protection against infection, injury, sunlight, and heat. The skin helps in regulation of the body temperature and stores vitamin D, water and fat.
  • The skin has its own unique stretching ability around the whole body. For instance, the skin present on the knuckles can stretch more as compared to the skin on the arms.
  • There are three layers of skin: subcutis, dermis, and epidermis. The subcutis is the layer compromised of blood vessels and fat. The dermis is the layer of hair and sweat glands. The epidermis is waterproof and consists of dead skin cells.
  • The skin of a healthy individual weights 9 pounds.
  • The color of the skin is due to melanin. Every individual has the same amount of melanin on the surface despite the color of the skin. The color does not depend on the amount but the activity of melanin. Melanocytes are 7 percent of your skin cells.
  • The color of the eyes is also because of melanin. The skin that covers the eyes is precise and sensitive.
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  • The skin renews itself every 28 days. That’s why it is significant to eat healthy foods; in 28 days, the skin renews itself with healthy vitamins.
  • For healthy skin, all you require is consuming vitamin E, C, D, and A. every vitamin plays an essential function in keeping the skin youthful and healthy.
  • One out of every five people in America develops skin cancer around the lifetime.
  • The oiliness present in the skin decides what kind of hair will produce. The large glands of oil have thin strands produce increased oil.  You can notice this on the face as there is a considerable amount of oil, there are fewer hairs. There is more hair on the peripheral regions of the face because of the smaller oil glands.

The overproductions of the cells that line the sweat glands result in acne.

  • The skin sheds almost 30,000 dead cells every minute.
  • The scar tissue lacks sweat glands and hair.
  • About half of the dirt in your house is your dead skin. The dead skin is accountable for almost 1 billion tons of dust present in the surroundings.
  • The skin can discharge up to three gallons of swear in the hot season.

These are the top exciting skincare facts that you must know.

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