My Favorite Leggings

My style is very cozy and comfortable. If I buy a piece of clothing because it is cute but not comfortable, it ends up just collecting dust in my closet.

Leggings have been the staple piece in my wardrobe for years now due to how comfortable and versatile they are. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing them to a corporate nine-to-five job but for going to class, going to hangout with friends or a night out, they are the perfect choice!

I have tried many different brands of leggings. They would be too tight, too loose or too see-through. I really hated the ones that wouldn’t stay up when you sat down. I just haven’t found the perfect pair that I wanted to purchase more of until now.

I recently discovered Maurice’s clothing. It is a Midwest-styled clothing brand that has the most comfortable clothes, including their leggings. My favorite leggings they carry are the ultra soft leggings. They are a little high-waisted, which helps with problem areas (at least for me), and feel as though you are wearing pajamas. They also include all different sizes from 2 to 24. In their core sizing, the leggings run from an extra small to an extra extra large and in their plus sizes they range from 0 to 3.

These leggings go for about $18 in their core sizes and $20 in their plus sizes. I would say their pricing is pretty fair since the leggings are definitely comfortable, flattering and seem durable to far. I have washed and dried my leggings many times now and they have not frayed or have any holes. So if you are looking for the perfect legging, these are it!

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